Our Vision

In the middle of the night as Demos prayed kneeling on the carpet in his living room, he received a vision. “The Vision” as told by Demos Shakarian (1952) “My son, I knew you before you were born. I have guided you every step of the way.  Now I am going to show you the purpose of your life.” Although I remained on my knees, I felt as if I were rising and moving up, away from the living room.  Down below me I could see the rooftops of Downey. There were the San Bernardino Mountains, and over there the coast of the Pacific.  Now I was high above the earth, able to see the entire country from west to east.   Although I could see so far, I could also see people on the earth  – millions and millions of people standing shoulder to shoulder. 

Then, just as a camera can zoom in at a football game to show first the stadium,

then the players, and then the very laces on the football, my vision seemed to move in on these millions.  I could see tiny details of thousands and thousands of faces.   And what I saw terrified me. The faces were set, lifeless, and miserable. Though the people stood so close together, shoulders touching, there was no real contact between them. They stared straight ahead, unblinking, unseeing. What a shudder of horror, I realized that they were dead…  

The vision changed. Whether the world was turning, or whether I was traveling around it, I didn’t know. But now beneath me was the continent of South America.  Then on to Africa, Europe, Asia. Once more the startling close-ups occurred, and everywhere it was the same. Brown faces, black faces – every one rigid, wretched, each locked in his own private death.   “Lord!” I cried,” What’s the matter with them!  Lord, help them!” “My son, what you see next is going to happen very soon.”   The earth was turning  – or I was moving around it  – a second time. Below me again were millions upon millions of men. But what a difference! This time heads were raised. Eyes shone with joy. Hands were lifted towards heaven. These who had been so isolated, each in his prison of self, were linked in a community of love and adoration. Asia, Africa, and America – everywhere – death had turned to life.  And the Vision was over.

I felt myself returning to my living room…


Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) is the the world’s largest Christian business men’s organization, networking
thousands of members in more 85 Nations through over 7,000 local chapters.
Besides providing a forum for contact, sharing experiences and exchange of ideas in fellowship, it also promotes Christian values in the marketplace, in communities and the home. We are businessmen and professionals, who have come to discover the value of God in our lives in very personal and practical ways, and love to share and enrich our life changing experiences together.

FGBMFI – Eswatini was first launched on 1980s in Eswatini and was formally incorporated on October, 2012. To know our full history and that fulfilling story of a movement sweeping across the nations and transforming lives, get a copy of our book, “The Happiest People on Earth,” read by millions of people and translated into 25 languages.

We see business people on every continent working together to transform their communities, cities, and nations.


1. To reach men in all nations for Jesus Christ.

2. To call men back to God.

3. To help believers to be baptized in The Holy Spirit and to grow spiritually.

4. To train and equip men to fulfill the Great Commission.

5. To provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship.

6. To bring unity among all people in the body of Christ


Our vision for the Fellowship is based upon a series of prophetic messages given over a period of time and confirmed by a literal vision from God.

In the vision, untold masses of men from every continent and nation, of all races and diverse culture and costume, once spiritually dead, are now alive. Delivered and set free, they are filled with the power of God’s Holy Spirit, faces radiant with glory, hands raised, and voices lifting their praises to heaven. We see a vast global movement of laymen comprised of millions of men being used mightily by God to bring this last great harvest through the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Love – sacrificing for the good of others…

Integrity – choosing to do the right thing…

Relationship – value people above all other things…

Commitment – no obstacle is too great, never give up…

Networking – opportunities are born by reaching out to others…

Training – equipped for every good work…

Transforming – making this world a better place by God’s grace, we connect people with opportunities to reach out and help others find a better life and work together to build better communities.  

Our History

In 1953, after receiving a God-given vision, Demos Shakarian started FGBMFI as one small chapter of businessmen meeting every week in Clifton’s Cafeteria in Los Angeles, California.

The 1950’s – The Decade of Foundations

In the 1950’s, chapters began to spring up all over the United States.  It was discovered that holding chapter meetings in an informal setting was most successful, typically around a meal, where members would have the opportunity to share their stories with each other of how God had impacted their lives for the better.  As FGBMFI was quickly spreading across the United States, the organization was getting the attention of influential people such as then Vice-President Richard Nixon.

The 1960’s – The Decade of Expansion

The organization truly became “International” in the 1960’s, as FGBMFI began to conduct “Airlifts” to other countries.  The first such “Airlift” took place in 1965, when more than 400 members and their families filled three jets and flew to London.  From there they fanned out all over Europe sharing the good news of a better life with God and forming new chapters along the way.  This was followed in succeeding years by more “Airlifts” to Europe, Africa, the Near East and the Far East.  An exciting “Airlift” to Vietnam was conducted during the height of the war – the TET offensive.  Thirty-Two FGBMFI members witnessed many miracles as they met with soldiers all over Vietnam.  Even to this day our “Airlifts” have the same impact.  

The 1970’s – The Decade of Influence

The Fellowship launched an all-out effort to make the general public aware of FGBMFI in the 1970’s.  One of the tools used was the “Good News” Television Show.  In addition to the regular telecasts were several prime-time specials including “Good News America,” “The Happiest People on Earth,” and “Turning Point.”  Another influential production was the release of the book “Happiest People on Earth,” telling the story of Demos and Rose Shakarian.  During this time FGBMFI was beginning to have an effective influence on world leaders who were becoming friends of the Fellowship.

The 1980’s – The Decade of Unity

During the 1980’s FGBMFI numbered 2,646 chapters around the world.  Every month it was estimated that 700,000 people met regularly in chapters.  Later, in the 1980’s the beautiful FGBMFI International Headquarters was built in Costa Mesa, California.  It was 160,000 square feet with 125 employees.  The global organization, although spread across many nations, was uniting as one.

The 1990’s – The Decade of Transition

In 1993 the beloved founder of FGBMFI, Demos Shakarian, went home to be with the Lord.  It was Demos’ keen desire to see his son, Richard Shakarian, follow him as the FGBMFI International President.  When the moment came for Richard to take his father’s place, he conceded that he only knew to do one thing – pray.  As he prayed, he felt impressed by God that his role would be “The Great Encourager.”  Today, many will agree that Richard’s encouragement has spurred them on to do even greater things – to think higher and reach longer.

2000 and Beyond – Globalization

In this new millennium, FGBMFI has become one of the largest businessmen networks in the world.  In over 85 nations and with thousands of chapters globally, the reach of FGBMFI is significant.  From the Americas to China, from the Middle East to Africa… and beyond, FGBMFI is leading tens of thousands, even millions to a new and better life.  Cities and nations are being changed for the good, one life at a time – a true grass roots effort.  Now is the time to be a part of an organization making a real difference in the lives of people all around the world!

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